When it comes to making great craft beer, quality and consistency are the name of the game. We purchase nothing but the highest quality malts and hops from the best growing regions in the world. We believe that in order to make a great German style lager, you need authentic German ingredients. Same goes for American ales and Belgian-style beers. But the honest truth is, every brewery has access to these ingredients, and a lot of breweries are using them. So what sets us apart?

We are fully aware of the growing expectations from craft beer lovers for quality brews. We also know that the number of breweries in operation in the U.S. is approaching 6,000, giving you plenty of options as a beer lover. So why should you choose to drink our beer as opposed to anyone else’s?

The answer: don’t try ours AS OPPOSED to the next beer. You should try all beers; every beer that you can get your hands on, in fact. There are hundreds.. no, thousands of good beers out there. That’s what the craft movement is all about. But when it comes to Whistle Post, you should know that our brewers are beer geeks first. They are craft beer enthusiasts turned mad scientists. Passion and pride are behind every pint that we produce. Our promise to you is to not just make beer but to make art - quality, consistent art that pushes the envelope to keep you coming back for more. We think that’s something that everyone can get excited about. ALL ABOARD!

About the brew house

Our brew house is a two vessel 20-barrel system made by Premier Stainless Systems out of Escondido, California.  Their beautifully constructed equipment is some of the most widely used among craft breweries in the United States. When you purchase a system of this quality up front, and blend that with passionate brewers, it paves the way for that superior quality beer we’re talking about. But don’t just take our word for it - come see for yourself at our taproom and brewery tours in historic Pilot Point!